We are a transport company with many years’ experience on the market, in 2015 we celebrated the 15 - anniversary. Transportation services are the specialty and biggest passion of our company. We have enough competence and experience, we are also big enough to provide logistic services on the global TSL level. Simultaneously, constant eagerness to achieve the best possible quality of service appears to be our great advantage. Being a medium-sized company we work according to z rule of “being great while not becoming big”. This principle allows us to fulfill the conditions of absolute punctuality, full safety of the shipment, quick and precise information. But most of all, this principle allows us to bring flexibility as well as true passion and energy into the cooperation with our clients.
Those features are usually lost in the complicated structures of our corporate competitors. We work according to a motto of “we do not care of things that are impossible to do. We only care about how to do the job that is to be done”

We have 35 transportation units and cooperate with over 200 companies in the country and abroad. We offer complex domestic and international transport services. Our care to provide top quality services manifests itself in approaching each order on an individual basis and in careful selection of coworkers.
We value our customers. We always attempt to make our services reliable, timely, fast and safe. Our drivers are trustworthy, trained to a high standard and very experienced in all aspects of road transport. Safety is an important part of our company that is why the transported goods are insured (OCP).
People are the greatest value of our company. They are qualified specialists, diligent and committed to their tasks. We make a good team and our employees not only treat their work as duty - they find it very satisfying and it allows them to pursue their passions. Together we build the quality of our company and offer top-level services.

We are known for reliability and the high quality of provided service. Thanks to scrupulous performance of our services we are considered to be a trustworthy partner on the domestic and foreign market. The best testimony to the quality of our services is a group of regular customers over the world who are successfully working with us for many years.